Our Vision

Fulcrum Securities/Fulcrum Advisory Services was founded in 2003, as an independent broker dealer and registered investment advisory firm. Fulcrum offers a comprehensive range of investment services to both individual and institutional investors. Our professional staff specialize in a broad range of investment disciplines for a highly diverse universe of clients.

The underlying concepts upon which Fulcrum was conceived date back decades to a time when it was the client's experience that was of paramount importance. These days, it often seems as though that message has been lost and that the focus of investment companies in business today has shifted away from their clients and turned inward instead.

We founded Fulcrum with the intention of creating an organization that harkened back to the day when it was the clients who came first, and when the investment managers who worked for them felt the better for it.

Our goal was to form an organization that married the tradition of providing the very best in client service and advice with state-of-the-art financial resources. We have accomplished this in part by offering highly personalized wealth enhancement solutions via traditional investment options and strong alternative investment selections.

And for our investment professionals? We built a firm that gives them access to a totally open platform of products and services. Our investment advisors have all of the resources and tools necessary to meet the needs of their clients - access to a comprehensive range of investment products and managers -. We also offer our advisors and branch managers the opportunity for direct ownership in the firm, something not commonly found in today's marketplace.

Fulcrum is an investment firm with a culture of collegiality and pride: collegiality with each other and our clients, and pride in the knowledge that we are providing both our clients and our advisors with access to the most diverse and very best investment options and advice available today.