Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

What platform do you provide for your representatives?
Fulcrum Securities clears through Pershing LLC, a division of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, the leading clearing firm in the world.

What Pershing programs do you offer?
All of our Advisors have access to NetX360 ®, an innovative program that enables them to efficiently access client accounts, enter orders, see the latest news and investment research, get streaming quotes, and much more. Through NetX360 ®, Advisors work within a single customizable platform that makes it possible for them to more efficiently service their clients, thereby increasing their competitive advantage.

What investment and insurance options are offered by Fulcrum Securities?
Our capabilities, tools, and resources match any that you would find at a national wire-house. The following are just a few of our investment and insurance options:

  • Full Service Stock and Bond Trading
  • Mutual and Money Market Funds
  • Comprehensive Insurance & Annuity Offerings
  • Professionally Managed Accounts
  • Fee Based Accounts
  • Options Accounts
  • Unit Investment Trusts
  • Complete Retirement Planning Options
  • Socially & Environmentally Responsible Portfolio Management
  • 401K Set-up and Advisory

What is Fulcrum Advisory Services?
Fulcrum Advisory Services is our registered investment advisory firm. We offer asset management and advisory services to both individual and institutional investors. Fulcrum has entered into a strategic alliance with Lockwood Financial to provide managed account services to clients. Advisors are required to have passed their Series 65 or 66 licenses in order to receive advisory fees as compensation.

Does Fulcrum offer proprietary equity research?
No. In this day and age, most seasoned investment professionals have their own favorite and trusted sources for stock research. That said, we will do all we can to provide you with the research you need to successfully run your business. For example, many talented research firms already make their work available to Fulcrum Advisors through our affiliation with Pershing LLC.

Will I be required to sell proprietary products?
No, we will never require you to sell any proprietary products! We believe it is in the best interest of our clients and by extension Fulcrum, if you are free to focus on finding the most appropriate solutions for your clients without any distractions or pressure from us. In this way, you are also able to avoid any potential conflicts of interest. We feel that objective advice is always best for our clients.

Service Questions

Is there a minimum production requirement?
Yes. Our minimum production requirement will be communicated to you during the recruiting process. We have high standards for ourselves and will pursue producers that have the same passion for our business that we do. We are also looking for people who hold to the highest possible ethical standards.

How often does Fulcrum pay commissions and fees?
Fulcrum Securities and Fulcrum Advisory Services pay commissions and advisory fees on a monthly basis.

What is Fulcrum Securities percentage payout to representatives?
The percentage payout at Fulcrum Securities is based on your gross production. You will find that our compensation grid is extremely competitive when compared against our peers. The details of our compensation package will be covered during the recruiting process.

Does Fulcrum Securities hold 12b1 fees?
Fulcrum Securities pays out all of your 12b1 fees through your payout grid, with the exception of money market funds.

Will Fulcrum provide transition support during my move?
Absolutely, starting from the moment we begin discussions all the way through to the successful transfer of your accounts. Support is always available, should you need it, to help in any way we can with the transition process.

What sort of marketing support does Fulcrum offer?
The leadership of Fulcrum has had a great deal of experience coaching all sorts of producers through the various stages of professional development.  We are highly experienced in working day-to-day with a range of Advisors, from those who are part of a large team to those relatively new to the business.


Must I have a Principal's license (Series 24 or Series 26) to join Fulcrum and have my own office?
No, we do not require there to be a Principal in every office unless it is mandated by your state or, you wish to supervise others. We suggest you give us a call for further information about running your own office.

Am I required to purchase my E&O insurance through Fulcrum Securities?
Yes. Fulcrum requires that all representatives be covered through our errors and omissions insurance policy. Your coverage cycle will run for 12 months (January 1 through December 31).

I have fulfilled all of my current firm's continuing education requirements. Do I need to attend yours?
No. We will be happy to waive the requirement so long as you provide proof of completion from your current firm.