Financial Professionals

Today, best-in-class investment resources and capabilities can be assembled more easily and cost effectively than at any time in the past. And, with the unbundling of what were once well guarded and proprietary services now being made available to the independent investment advisor, Fulcrum Securities is able to provide its Financial Advisors with the resources they need to provide the highest level of investment options and advice to their clients. We have seen to it that our Advisors have access to everything they need to manage their practices successfully.

At Fulcrum, we appreciate both the old and new techniques of investing, and we've made sure that our Financial Advisors have access to the resources they need by establishing strategic relationships with companies such as Pershing LLC, Lockwood Advisors, and BISYS Group, three of the top financial services companies in their fields.

About Lockwood

Lockwood was founded in 1995 by a team of managed money industry veterans, including Founder and Chairman Len Reinhart. By 1999, Lockwood had become one of the largest providers of separate account services to the independent advisor marketplace.

In October 2002, Lockwood and its affiliated companies were acquired by The Bank of New York. Lockwood's staff, headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, includes more than 160 professionals dedicated to helping advisors grow their wealth advisory practices.

Managed Account Offerings

Lockwood's Managed Account program includes:

  • Access to 50 institutional money managers representing over 115 different investment styles
  • An independent conflict-free environment that does not market directly to our clients
  • Consolidated quarterly performance reporting
  • The ability to customize tax strategies, taking control of gains and losses for our clients' advantage to enhance after-tax returns
  • Extensive professional research, including style analysis, customized asset allocation strategies, capital market research and comprehensive information on money managers
  • Administrative benefits including debit billing and electronic access to our clients' account data, upon client approval

About Crump Group

The Crump Group, Inc. provides global solutions that enable investment firms, insurance companies and agents to more efficiently serve their customers, grow their businesses, and respond to evolving regulatory requirements. Among other things, Crump is recognized globally for its service excellence. Among its many services, Crump provides administration and distribution services for mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity funds, retirement plans and other investment products. Crump is the nation's largest independent wholesale distributor of life insurance and a leading independent wholesale distributor of commercial property/casualty insurance, long-term care, disability, and annuity products.

Founded over 75 years ago, Crump was founded to serve the information processing needs of a modest clientele of community banks. With service excellence always at the fore, Crump has grown to become a global provider of market-leading investment and insurance solutions with over 1,000 institutional clients and thousands of sales representatives throughout the financial services industry.

Crump is uniquely positioned to support the financial services industry's increasing consolidation, product expansion, technology utilization, and trend toward outsourcing as its clients respond to growing consumer demands, changing market dynamics, and new forms of competition. Crump supports its clients with:

  • Product innovations and enhancements
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Expertise in the financial and insurance services industry
  • Outstanding client services and support