Working with individuals and families, helping them attain their personal financial goals. Our Financial Advisors draw upon some of the finest financial resources available today when creating investment plans tailored to meet our clients' individual objectives.

Brokerage Accounts

Client Account Access

Clearing, custody and other brokerage services are offered through Pershing LLC, a neutral platform that provides Financial Professionals with access to thousands of investment product providers. Pershing offers the expertise and resources of a true industry leader that has been providing clearing and financial services outsourcing solutions for over 65 years that few can rival today. Pershing supports more than 1,100 financial organizations worldwide, with U.S. regional offices in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Charlotte, North Carolina. Pershing LLC is a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Company, Inc. The Bank of New York has offices located in 33 countries and offers the support of over 23,000 professionals worldwide. As a subsidiary of Bank of New York with $840 billion customer assets under administration, Pershing is the largest provider of brokerage services to the financial services community. You can be assured that Pershing's facilities provide an efficient and secure operating environment, and enable us to deliver the highest-quality products and services to our customers.

Pershing Is Products and Services
We offer an extensive range of investment products and services that enable financial organizations and their investment professionals to compete successfully in the marketplace.

Fulcrum's Investment Advisors have access to Products and Services through Pershing LLC:

Mutual Funds and Money Funds
No-Transaction-Fee Mutual Funds

Maximize investment returns with access to over 1,750 mutual funds from more than 150 fund families through FundVest®. There are three distinct no-transaction-fee programs:

  • FundVest Focus® offers no-load funds to individual investors
  • FundVest International® offers load funds at net asset value to fee-based or managed accounts
  • FundVest Offshore® offers non-U.S. mutual funds to non-U.S. clients.

Money Funds and Bank Deposit Accounts
Intensify the growth potential of your clients' portfolios by offering the option to sweep their uninvested account balances to a taxable or tax-free money market fund, or a Federal Deposit Insurance Company-insured bank deposit account.

Business Tools

NetExchange 360®
Available in both web and Windows® formats, NetExchange 360® is our online brokerage platform designed for the investment professional. You and your investment professionals can review account information; place orders; get quotes, news, and research; and seamlessly access a variety of industry-leading content in an intuitive, point-and-click environment.

Portfolio Evaluation Service (PES®)
Amplify your ability to monitor and maintain your clients' accounts with the Portfolio Evaluation Service. This tax-lot accounting and performance measurement service allows investment professionals to monitor a portfolio's performance online through NetExchange Pro. Clients receive a comprehensive, quarterly report.

Cash Management Services

ProCash Plus®
ProCash Plus is a powerful asset management tool that allows your clients to invest in securities, purchase products and services, deposit money, write checks and pay bills from a single account. Pershing offers three levels of ProCash Plus; Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Each offers benefits and features that encourage clients to consolidate their assets into one convenient brokerage account, and offers you an easy and effective way to increase your firm's average account size.

Fee-Based Brokerage and Managed Account Programs

Lockwood Managed Accounts
Discover the asset-gathering potential and superior service of Lockwood Managed Accounts, which offer a full complement of turnkey and private label solutions to support your high-net-worth clients. Offer premier clients access to top-performing mutual funds, separately managed accounts, and overlay separate account portfolios-single portfolios whose assets are allocated among multiple money managers.

  • Managed Account Advisor
    - With Managed Account Advisor, you benefit from a turnkey solution that you can brand as your own.

  • Managed Account Command
    - Our private label platform enables you to customize many aspects of your sponsor or advisor-driven program, including fees, investment options, asset and style allocations, client profiling criteria, proposals, and quarterly performance reports.

  • Managed Account NetworkT
    - Managed Account NetworkT gives your firm access to a network of best-of-breed, third-party asset management providers. This enables you to consolidate managed account assets, and satisfy a larger range of investment professional and client needs.

Investor Services

Dividend Reinvestment
Accumulate assets by demonstrating the value of dividend reinvestment to your clients. Through this program, dividends and capital gains from equities and closed-end funds are automatically reinvested to purchase additional whole and fractional shares of the same security.

NetExchange Client®
An Internet-based brokerage platform that makes trading, news, and account information available to your clients, around the clock, to complement your personal advice.

Select Statement
A simple, attractive, and practical way to keep track of financial activity, this customizable brokerage statement lists assets held by Pershing. With this flexible reporting tool, a single glance lets investors determine the value of their accounts, view activity summaries, review their portfolio holdings, and much more. For added convenience the SelectLinkTM service consolidates statements delivered to a client's household into one envelope.

Lending Services

This margin lending product will help your clients unleash the potential of their brokerage account by leveraging their investment assets to obtain a line of credit for security purchases.

A securities-based consumer lending product that is ideal for most personal, consumer, or business needs.

Enables you to offer your clients a mortgage origination solution provided by BNY Mortgage Solutions, a division of Everbank.

Retirement Products

Pershing offers financial organizations and their investment professionals a full line of individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and employer-sponsored retirement plans that enables them to serve their clients' retirement savings and distribution needs. These retirement offerings include:

  • Education Savings Accounts, Traditional, Roth, and SIMPLE IRAs
  • Simplified Employee Pension Plans
  • 401(k) and Individual(k) Plans
  • 403(b)(7) Custodial Accounts
  • Profit Sharing
  • Money Purchase Pension Plans
  • Target Benefit Plans

Managed Accounts

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